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To: Business & Trade Secretary Kevin Hollinrake

Scrap Fujitsu’s new Government contract

The Post Office scandal is one the greatest ever miscarriages of justice, but Fujitsu have just been handed yet another Government contract. Promising not to bid clearly isn’t enough: hold them to account and revoke their contract.

Why is this important?

The Post Office scandal is one the greatest ever miscarriages of justice. Yet reports suggest Fujitsu - whose software is behind the Post Office scandal - have just been handed a new Government contract. They promised they wouldn’t bid for contracts until the Post Office Inquiry was finished - but according to reports of leaked documents, they’ve been training staff on how to bid despite the ban.

We have to act quickly to stop those responsible from being given any more of our money while the victims are still waiting for compensation.

It was our people power that got Paula Vennells to hand back her CBE - now it’s time to hold those to blame accountable again.



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