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To: Swindon Borough Council

Make Hay Lane Safe

Make Hay Lane Safe

We call on Swindon Council to introduce all of the following measures to improve pedestrian safety on the zebra crossing section of Hay Lane:
• Introduce a 20mph speed limit.
• Insert a road-wide speed hump on or near to the pedestrian crossing.
• Improve signage to ensure motorists are aware of the zebra crossing.

Why is this important?

The Hay Lane crossing is used by school children, including young children attending Tregoze Primary School which is around the corner from the crossing.

Residents regularly hear cars screeching down the road and there have been multiple near misses.

Ultimately the road is a death trap and action needs to be taken now not after another collision takes place.

Over two years ago my son was hit by a car while he was crossing Hay Lane and suffered severe injuries. Since then I have been promised on multiple occasions that the council would make the road safer but nothing has happened.


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Reasons for signing

  • The sooner Swindon Borough Council come to their senses and make that crossing safe asap the better, as next time there could God forbid a fatality there they want that on their conscience?


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