Commercial puppy farmers, and irresponsible dog breeders are getting away with murder - literally. These puppies, dogs and breeding bitches are suffering because Councils are granting licenses to these breeders because they do not have the money or staff to check the premises or inspect the dogs. They literally look at the paperwork and grant them a license.
If all breeders were made to pay £1000 in order to obtain a RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS LICENSE then the council could use this income towards making it law for a VET to inspect each dog and the conditions in which they are being kept for breeding.

Why is this important?

At the moment no such law exists. This means that irresponsible breeders, who don't care about anything except making money, are getting away with murder. The inspections that they go through are so minimal that they can obtain a license while hundreds of their dogs are dying slowly in cages that are barely inspected. This has to change. If councils say they have no money to do these inspections then make these breeders pay. £1000 is less than they make for selling one puppy. Yet this would fund a fully qualified vet to be present before a license can be granted. Please help us introduce a new law so that irresponsible dog breeders cannot continue inflicting such suffering. Make the RESPONSIBLE DOG BREEDERS LICENSE a law.

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