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To: Lincolnshire County Council

Make Louth Road Safe for School Kids

Make Louth Road Safe for School Kids

The rear entrance to Horncastle Primary School is located on Louth Road.

There is no safe pedestrian crossing for children in this location, and the 40 mph speed limit is located too close to the school zone, meaning vehicles accelerate towards it.

We are calling on the County Council to implement a zebra, pelican or toucan crossing on Louth Road near to the school, and extend the 30 mph limit to the limit of the built-up area, beyond Low Toynton Road.

Why is this important?

Greater safety for Primary School Children in Horncastle has been a stated priority for parents, school heads, and the Town Council for a considerable time.

Responses from the County Council to these requests in the past have indicated that there is no money for these changes, and/or there is no 'suitable location' for the crossing on this 'A' road.

We believe that this is wrong, and that no price can be put on the safety of Horncastle's school children.

We demand that Horncastle residents are listened to, and the changes are implemented immediately.

Horncastle LN9, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • To improve road safety for everyone
  • To protect my grandchildren.
  • As its very unsafe for my children


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