To: Housing Minister

Make new buildings carbon neutral

Make new buildings carbon neutral

To make it compulsory for all new buildings to have whatever technology is appropriate, for example heat pumps, solar panels and insulation, to be truly carbon-neutral. This is possible with current technology; viz. the Energy Saving Trust Clean Growth Plan. The Government should subsidise lower income buyers using tax from high earners.

Why is this important?

The recent heatwave in the northern hemisphere has cost thousands of lives and livelihoods, burned thousands of homes and destroyed millions of crops. That's just the latest in a long list of worldwide disasters that are all a result of climate change, which is caused by emitting ever more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We have to stop now for any chance of avoiding the situation getting much worse.


Reasons for signing

  • It's common sense. This should be being done already. Instead developers fail to install renewable technologies to keep their costs down. They don't even orientate new houses in the best direction for retrofit solar panels. For goodness' sake - wake up!