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To: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

Fix the Building Safety Crisis NOW!

Fix the Building Safety Crisis NOW!

Make our homes safe from fire.
Protect leaseholders from picking up the bill.
We are prisoners in death trap homes - we must be set free.

Why is this important?

Leaseholders and tenants across the UK are facing bankruptcy and eviction because of fire safety issues we did not cause, and have no control over fixing. Our homes were not built to be safe from fire, and to add insult to injury, leaseholders are picking up the bill. The strain this is having on our mental health is immense; we’re feeling angry, hopeless, helpless and trapped.

Who is responsible? Cladding manufacturers who falsified fire safety tests, construction companies cutting corners and ineffective Government regulations. They must all be held to account.

Boris Johnson must recognise that our safety comes before profit. The Government must force developers to make our homes safe, before any more new homes are built and protect leaseholders from all fire remediation costs.

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