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To: Local Cinemas in West Cumbria

Make subtitle viewing available to those who need it

When subtitles are requested, a cinema should make every effort to show a subtitled screening.
Subtitled screenings should be played at accessible times throughout the month of a film being released - not once a month.

Why is this important?

As someone with three, young, deaf children - I want children who are deaf and hard of hearing in West Cumbria to have the opportunity to go to the cinemas with their friends and family and enjoy it in the same way as their peers who are not deaf would.

Visiting a cinema is a wonderful experience for many. However, it can be extremely frustrating for a lot of people, due to a lack of accessible cinema screenings. Many individuals benefit from having subtitles/captions on when viewing - but not enough cinemas in West Cumbria show the latest films with subtitled screenings. Cinemas may only show a film once on occasion, this is not accessible for those who require subtitles such as those from the deaf community and those who simply require a visual aid when watching a film.

Due to the limited number of accessible cinemas screenings on show, too many people wait until the disc or digital release of films so they can access subtitles - this isn't fair to those who would love the experience of going to watch the latest cinema release.

It is now 2022, Rose Ayling Ellis won Strictly Come Dancing in 2021. She made a huge impact in raising awareness for the deaf community - BSL classes have seen a huge increase in numbers of people taking part.

I hope that cinemas in West Cumbria and beyond will listen to this petition and make more subtitled screenings available to those that need them.

Workington, UK

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