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To: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Amber Rudd

No one moving onto Universal Credit should be left worse off

Make sure people like me, who are already moving onto Universal Credit due to a "change in circumstances" are not:

- Left worse off
- Left waiting weeks without the money we need to survive

Why is this important?

The government have said that no one should be made worse off by moving onto Universal Credit. But people, like me, who are moving onto Universal Credit due to a "change in circumstances" aren't getting any protections. And are losing hundreds of pounds a month in income.

I moved onto Universal Credit two years ago when my wife sadly lost her battle with cancer. I had to quit my job to look after my two young children and I was left waiting for weeks before my payment came through. Basic rights are put in jeopardy such as food, water, and a roof over your families head.

The government aren't doing enough to address this. Please will you sign my petition calling on them to make sure no one moving onto Universal Credit is left worse off?

United Kingdom

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