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Make Taxis More Accessible at Doncaster Railway Station.

We are writing to bring attention to an important issue that we believe requires urgent action. Station Taxis are an integral part of the transport system in Doncaster but unfortunately, they are not visible to the public as they come out of Doncaster Railway Station since the refurbishment of the station forecourt.

This creates significant problems for people with disabilities who find it challenging to navigate through the crowd and get to the rank that is over 100 meters away from the station doors. Imagine how much harder it must be for those with walking aids, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids.

Why is this important?

We believe that the situation can change if some of the bays in front of the station were dedicated to Doncaster Station Taxis, who were established in 1997 on the request of the train company for the ease of railway station passengers. With the proposed changes, the situation can become much more accessible and equitable to everyone.

Additionally, we suggest that a fully lit-up visible sign be installed at the new taxi rank to help the public easily spot the taxis. This would provide relief to the passengers who are struggling to identify the taxis they need to board.

We urge the Doncaster authorities and LNER to give serious consideration to this proposal and take urgent action to make the necessary changes. It's high time we start valuing the needs of our differently-abled fellow citizens and make our city a more accessible place for everyone.

Station Court, Doncaster DN1 1PE, UK

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