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To: Minister for Transport, the Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps

Make the A5 between Lutterworth and Smockington Hollow Safe

Make the A5 between Lutterworth and Smockington Hollow Safe

Make the section of the A5 between Smockington Hollow and Lutterworth safe by installing traffic calming measures to enable the people who use the road to do so safely.

Why is this important?

This section of the A5 has always been a black spot for serious accidents, but in recent months has become increasingly treacherous for locals and people passing through. There have been 3 serious accidents very recently, including a fatality on October 22nd.
Due to the expansion of the Logistics centre at Magna Park, Lutterworth, and the huge numbers of new houses being built in the area, the volume of traffic on this stretch of road can only increase, thereby making it ever more dangerous to turn onto.
The junctions at High Cross and Smockington Hollow are particularly dangerous, although any adjoining road along this stretch carries enormous risks.

The A5 between Smockington Hollow and Lutterworth

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Reasons for signing

  • The road needs to be made safer as traffic grows the m6 toll is too expensive for everyday use. Unless you have lots of money to spare.
  • Too many deaths and serious injuries of late. The Highways Agency should do a proper job - if necessary get the money from local developers of housing estates and the new distribution parks that are springing up rapidly.
  • The High Cross A5 junction needs major "structural" and realignment work to bring it up to a safe standard for the increasing amount of traffic that is using it and going along the A5. The Highway Agency's proposal for red paint, studs and an anti-skid surface are not good enough.


2019-12-09 20:04:49 +0000

Another fatality today at High Cross- how many more before something is done to improve this road? Please all share the petition on social media, many thanks.

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