To: Priti Patel

Make the death certificate system easier.

Make the death certificate system easier.

Set up a system for putting death certificates, viewable by all, on-line.

Why is this important?

When people get paper death certificates for a recently deceased person they often have to send a copy to a number of places - banks, probate office, premium bond office and a variety of other places, Each copy currently costs £11. When my mother died this February we got four. Most organisations ask for an original copy and suggest you send it recorded delivery. This means queuing in a Post Office and paying extra several times. The certificates are then generally sent back by recorded delivery which means that if you happen to be out when the post arrives you have to make an arrangement with the Post Office to be in on a certain day for a number of hours - and this happens several times. Since the fact of a death is a public matter, not a private one, I would like there to be a system where there is a Government web-site showing the verified information about that death which could be accessed by any party who needs to have that information. There is a lot to do after a death and this would make one aspect of it so much less time consuming.