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To: Harrogate Borough Council

Make the Harrogate Stray more bee-friendly

Harrogate & District Green Party want Harrogate Borough Council to expand their re-planting of the Stary to include native wildflowers not only on the West Park part of the Stray but other areas as well, such as Tewit Well and Christ Church.

You can also send your suggestions to Andy Paraskos, Cabinet Member for the Environment email: [email protected].

Why is this important?

Since the 1930s, our traditional wildflower meadows have declined due to human practices - we now have a responsibility to regenerate land wherever we can; from adding natural verges, and wildflower areas to tree planting and halting the use of pesticides. If managed sensitively, the Stray can add to a local diverse and ecologically complex environment to help reverse the decline of insects, including essential pollinators.

Harrogate, UK

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