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To: Wiltshire Council

Make the Hungerford-Grafton A338 safer

Make the Hungerford-Grafton A338 safer

Reduce the speed limit on this stretch of road to 50mph

Why is this important?

There has just been yet another (fatal) accident at a junction on this stretch of road (the Sanham Green turning).
This road, which many drivers and bikers treat as a 'racetrack' owing to its elevated position and the illusion of it offering a 'clear stretch' with no settlements, is in fact often narrow, winding, with hidden dips, and MANY concealed driveways and junctions, which have been the site of numerous accidents over the years.
The Sanham Green junction, and the Bedwyn-Shalbourne and Bedwyn-Oxenwood crossing points, are notoriously difficult junctions which even locals find unsettling due to the speed of traffic approaching on the main road (often in excess of 60mph).


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