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To: The Mail on Sunday

Make The Mail on Sunday Apologise

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Adrian Howlett
Make The Mail on Sunday Apologise

Dear Mail on Sunday,

On Easter Sunday 2014, your newspaper printed a story which grossly misrepresents the noble and necessary role of food banks. As a result, the Mail on Sunday should apologise to all British food banks and their users and donate money to the institutions it has defamed.

Why is this important?

Rather than discussing the horrendous economic situation that has forced many people to use food banks, the article focused on the warped idea that food banks are merely an easy means of obtaining free food. This is not true, and suggesting this is an insult to the thousands of decent people who are living in poverty because of the cavalier attitude to unemployment and enormous welfare cuts that have been imposed by the government, which is supported by the Mail on Sunday.

While we need a strong media to bring the ills in society to our attention, it is also important that the media should be honest and should not misrepresent issues for political gain or out of mere hatred. When the media uses inaccurate reporting to mislead the public, we must take action to stop them.


Reasons for signing

  • Because papers get away with far too much propaganda
  • It’s an outrageous claim. I wonder who works for the Mail who would do this. We should pity anyone who thinks they’re doing well in ripping of a food bank not scorn them.
  • We are Humans


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