To: The board of the National Trust and members of the National Trust

Make the National Trust ban ALL hunting on their properties

Make the National Trust ban ALL hunting on their properties

Ban ALL hunting on National Trust Land

Why is this important?

The board of the National Trust must be aware that 84% of the population are against hunting animals.This so called 'sport' should be consigned to the history books. It is barbaric, cruel and totally unnecessary and ineffective in controlling numbers. It is a hateful pastime for the privileged and uncaring few who gain pleasure from witnessing panic, pain, bloodshed and a grizzly death. The hunting ban must be strengthened and implemented with the full force of the law.


Reasons for signing

  • Its wrong that the National Trust is used by the powerful to facilitate this dreadful act on wild little animals. Can they not be just left alone!!
  • They are just wonderful creatures, there is no need for this sport. I am not some tree-hugger vegan (no hate) as I live on a farm and own animal, our family have put aside 60 acres to anchient woodland aplace for animals like these to thrive, it does not benefit us but it's for the greater good of our planet. The tales of foxes taking farm animals are only tales. Put your chikens away at night and your fine.


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