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To: Kent County Council

Make the road safer at Stonebridge Pond

Please take action now to improve safety for road users and pedestrians at the busy junctions at Stonebridge Way and Davington Hill.

Why is this important?

Residents have been campaigning for safety improvements in this area for nearly 15 years. In 2015 a teenage girl was hit by a vehicle nearby and two cyclists have been knocked off their bikes here in the last eight years. Since the November an older woman has been knocked over while crossing the road and there have been two further accidents resulting in serious vehicle damage.

Many residents have to cross the road here to get to the town centre. Children and parents use the road to cross on their way to Davington School. However there is no safe place to cross because of the presence of two road junctions, two bus stops, an alley and residents' drives, with poor visibility in each direction.

Traffic volumes are increasing and, with more new housing on surrounding sites, will continue to do so. Residents, local borough councillors and Faversham Town Council have worked together in the last 6 months to produce proposals for safety improvements. They need your support now if they are going to persuade Kent County Council to take action.

How it will be delivered

Local borough councillors and residents will be attending the Swale Joint Transportation Board meeting on 2 March in order to present the petition and their improvement proposals to KCC officers and councillors.


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2020-04-03 14:17:48 +0100

On 2 March local councillors attended the Swale Joint Transportation Board to explain why action was needed to improve safety on this complicated piece of road. We got good support from other councillors on the committee and it was agreed that Kent County Council Highway officers should prepare a report on the road arrangements here for the next meeting of the Board at the end of June. In debate councillors suggested that a site visit by officers involving local councillors would be desirable.

Getting this issue on Kent County Council’s agenda is only a start and there is still plenty of work to do. So please sign the petition if you haven’t done so already and encourage your friends and relatives to sign as well. As well as online signatories we have over eighty additional paper signatories, so in total more than 600 people have signed.

2020-02-27 15:34:35 +0000

500 signatures reached

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100 signatures reached

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