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To: Cheshire East Council

Make the Stapeley Garden footpath crossing safe

Make the Stapeley Garden footpath crossing safe

Put a controlled crossing at the entrance to the footpath from Stapeley Gardens Estate onto A530 so it is safe for people to cross the busy bypass, particularly large numbers of children going to and from local schools

Why is this important?

The footpath has been reopened with no traffic controls - it leads onto a busy A road from a concealed entrance onto a bend in the road - many children will use this footpath to get to the local primary and secondary schools and without better warnings and traffic controls this could be a very dangerous crossing, basically it could be a tragedy accident waiting to happen

Nantwich CW5, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • To prevent a serious accident happening.
  • Would be happy with either a crossing or a pavement leading to Pear Tree Fields crossing. There just needs to be safe passage between the two halves of the estate.
  • It is an inappropriate place to have a crossing on a busy bypass. I and my husband have been chasing this problem for 2 years and no one wants to pay for a path up to the traffic lights where it would be much safer.


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