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Making Adult fares 18 not 16 on public transport

Making Adult fares 18 not 16 on public transport

Make adult fares 18 not 15/16

Why is this important?

Citizens aged 16 will probably still be in education and it is unreasonable to make them pay full adult price.


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Reasons for signing

  • I think it’s ridiculous that I’m classed as an adult on some thing but not others. Either make all “adult” things 16 or none.
  • This is an issue very important to me. I travel on public transport every day of every week. I have to pay £4.50 every day to travel a relatively short distance, from Grays town centre to my house, a 1 mile trip! My family are not exactly poor but this puts a great strain on our financial position. I may need to start working to be able to afford these extortionate transport costs. It is wrong that I should have to pay the same as someone who works to afford this essential need.
  • This is an issue which should have been resolved years ago...


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