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To: Bernadette Kelly - Chair of ESI Fund Growth Board

Making The Case For Equal Access To Work

Making The Case For Equal Access To Work

We want ESF funding to be earmarked in all participating countries to ENSURE that families with disabled children are NOT deprived of their right to work, train and study.

We are asking for the creation of a Europe wide charter to support equal access to employment.

We are asking for European Social Funds to support employment and inclusion.

To view the Making The Case For Equal Access To Work film visit

Why is this important?

Denying families’ access to economic participation creates poverty traps, social isolation, associated problems and potential expenditure. The business case for providing specialist childcare provision is incontestable. Local governments in the UK stand to save up to ten times their investment. Europe is also failing to exploit the potential of numerous skilled professionals. Childcare provision has proliferated over the last twenty years and the offer of wrap around provision at schools is being celebrated. Families with disabled children would like to participate but sourcing provision is impossible because specialist childcare requires subsidy.

Evidence is the gap


Reasons for signing

  • To raise awareness
  • ............
  • DENS of Equality have been supporting parents of Disabled children with play and childcare over the years at great personal expense sometime. Please stop the closure of services to the older children and support parents right to go to work in the secure knowledge that professional playworkers are with their children and young people after school


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