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To: Manchester City Council

Manchester city council - we have a climate emergency, not an office emergency!

Manchester city council planning committee have considered, and approved, a lot of office buildings recently, including on the former Central Retail Park and New Islington Green.

As the council represent the local people, we want them to reconsider in the post Covid world. We want Manchester to be greener and have other reasons for people to want to live here and to visit.

Manchester City Council - please work with the public and be more inventive than more offices!

Why is this important?

Post Covid many companies are deciding the office is no longer a full time location for staff, yet Manchester City Council have a city-wide plan for more offices.

Manchester still has illegal levels of pollution and during the pandemic it was clear, to those living in the centre, that there was no where to relax.

Manchester city council declared a climate emergency. Since then they have removed the cycle paths from Great Ancoats Street, approved planning for a huge car park next to a primary school and have recommended plans to replace New Islington Green, a well-used strip of green space, with offices'.

Please show us plans to tackle the climate emergency in a post COVID world.

Manchester is supposed to be a city that does things differently, as people who live, work and visit Manchester we want the council's planning to reflect that.

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Manchester, UK

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