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Mandatory C.S.A & Exploitation Workshops in Secondary Schools

Mandatory C.S.A & Exploitation Workshops in Secondary Schools

I am petitioning to bring the reality of being a victim/survivor of child sexual abuse to the classroom.
I'm asking you to sign this petition,
in order to put preventative measures in place for all children attending secondary school from falling victim of grooming, C.S.A & Exploitation including the effects it has for the rest of your life as a survivor.

Why is this important?

I believe it is important to be educating our future about the epidemic of online and sexual grooming across the board on social media platforms.
The long lasting effects of child sexual abuse can last a life time. in most cases. Abuse paves the way to a destructive life filled with anger, pain, mental health problems caused by psychological and emotional trauma.
Schools are there to help children survive and succeed in the 'Adult' world.
Unfortunately over the last decade or so the number of adults sexually grooming and arranging to meet children for their own sexual gratification has soared in numbers.

Although there are measures in place with in the national curriculum, I believe far more needs to be done. If we are ever going to try and make a difference for our children's future this is where it needs to begin.
The reality of children being sent explicit images or messages via social media is of an epidemic scale.

There seems to be an awful lot of money and endless amounts of 'therapy' allocated to 'reforming sex offenders'
It's believed to be an illness, but the reality is they are judge and executioner to many an innocent soul.
All the while we have police chiefs, wanting those who watch and distribute child pornography, should not be put through the court process, but dealt with in the police station. The reason for that is there is far to much of it going on.
It was also said that only contact abusers should be put through the justice system to ease up the back log, those that intend to or have made contact abuse should be put through the court process.

In light of what police chiefs have said and the growing number of 'hunter groups' across the UK exposing a handful of these people on a weekly basis with almost every single one ending in a charge and conviction.

It seems to me that the only way our children are ever going to be safe is by educating them. let the 'professionals' spend their time and resources on the offenders in hope of rehabilitating them. But I believe we should be at least be trying to educate the children to the dangers and long term affects caused to young souls by adults, what to look out for and how and where to report this kind of behaviour across the social networking platform.
Prevention is better than cure as I'm sure we can all agree.


Reasons for signing

  • Protecting children IS the most important thing to do
  • Hate pedos
  • Kids need protecting


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