To: Supermarkets

Meal Deals for *Vegetarians*

Meal Deals for *Vegetarians*

I would like all supermarkets to Include a non meat "meal deal" in their offers.

Why is this important?

Their offers are all about a meat, chicken or fish choice as the first course, rarely is there a non meat choice and when there is, it's always pizza !

Statistics show that there are more non meat eaters now than ever before, why haven't the supermarkets used this opportunity to increase their sales ?

I have personally contacted the local supermarkets, all of which are national chains and asked this question, they have always been very polite and say "I'll pass your question onto the relevant department" but I'm still waiting for there to be a positive outcome...

Because like all consumers, non meat eaters are missing an important and equal opportunity.

Reasons for signing

  • My daughter is vegetarian and I like to go meat free several times a week. This would mean we can enjoy a meal together on evenings we are home late and enable us to spend more time together rather than preparing two seperate meals.
  • There should be Vegan options
  • Signing because i genuinley dont think i have seen a meat free meal deal or anything close to it. :)


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