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To: The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)

Means test MP expenses in line with benefits and other govt support

Means test MP expenses in line with benefits and other govt support

MPs should be means tested for their expenses in the same fashion as claimants for benefits and universal credit, taking into account savings and all other incomes.

Why is this important?

The average UK salary is £30k.
The basic MP salary is £81k (putting them in the top 5%). On top of this MPs can take other well-paid jobs for example in journalism or public speaking and claim for expenses, sometimes in the region of £50k.

The average person is unable to claim expenses, their only option is to seek extra help in the form of benefits where their incomes and assets are thoroughly assessed and help is denied if they are lucky enough to have over £16k in savings, and minimized if they have over £6k in savings.

This disparity needs assessing.

MPs complacency and reliance on expenses breeds contempt for the average person looking for a little extra support but it's the MPs who are truly receiving the "hand-out" that they claim to despise.

With such a large divide between wealth, means and class, how can MPs truly relate to their constituents?
Can an MP with savings worth £2M and claiming £40K expenses really understand what it's like to be living on £28K and struggling to sustain a family because you're oh-so-slowly saving up (£17k in 6 years!) to buy a house so the kids don't have to share a room?

How it will be delivered

This petition was first attempted through the proper channels via the official parliament website. Unsurprisingly it was turned down.

"Sorry, we can’t accept your petition.
It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for.
The UK Government and Parliament aren't responsible for setting MPs' pay or expenses. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is responsible for deciding on MPs' expenses and pay."

London, UK

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