To: Darren Jones is a vegan MP and can stand up for this.

Meat should not be publicly advertised

Meat should not be publicly advertised

People should be more educated on how meat is actually made and by not promoting eating meat we are hoping to stop farming animals. If a complete ban on meat is not possible at least the process of which the meat is made in should be exposed.

Why is this important?

The mistreatment of animals is sever and is getting out of hand. In this letter I would like to persuade you to support veganism and to help stop cruelty.

Firstly, veganism has many health benefits so by advertising meat instead of vegetables we are doing the same harm as to advertising cigarettes. It is vital to be considerate of those who are vegan and if meat is to be advertised the process of which how it is made should be shown on the ad. Inspections could possibly be done to ensure animals are being treated properly.

The truth has to be exposed and animals deserve better rights. Adverts should not be put on tv and not on banners / posters. In addition to this there should be no meat ads on public busses. Advertising meat on a bus is like advertising a religion on it.


Reasons for signing

  • To make a difference and get my voice listened to.