To: city of york council

melrosegate field

melrosegate field

Please cut the grass at Melrosegate Field

Why is this important?

we are residents of Heworth,Tanghall.Burnholme and surrounding areas. the field as it was known is the school field left to tang hall and st ailreds schools many years ago . st ailreds relinquished it when they moved and it became tanghall school field .Up until a couple of years ago it was used by the school but circumstances made it impossible to use and money to cut it came out of education funds. it was turned over to the council in march this year when tang hall school became an academy .the last time it was cut was august 2016 please help get it cut so its not the new tanghall tip .

Its a big part of the comunity and has been an eyesore too long now

Melrosegate, York

Reasons for signing

  • we need to keep our field cut


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