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To: The U.K Government

Mineworker Pension Fight

We the undersigned call upon the UK Government to review the 'Mineworkers Pension' to reduce from the 50/50 sharing of the surpluses that the Government are taking from the system. It has been a number of years since the mineworkers and widows have had an increase in their pension (other than the cost of living increase). The Mineworkers were the backbone of this country for a number of decades and deserve a fair increase of THEIR pension!!!

Why is this important?

We are fighting for the monies that both Labour and Tory Government have taken from the Miners since 1994/5. This money has been taken at a rate of 1m per-day,which equates to £8bn in total. We are looking to start a on-line Petition to call upon the U.K Government to review the Mineworkers Pension from the 50/50 sharing of the surpluses, to a realstic percentage. We are looking to the people of the UK to support the miners in this fight as the mine workers have been the back bone of this country of a number of years.


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