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To: Wirral Borough Council

Modernise Wirral Crematorium

Modernise Wirral Crematorium

We call upon Wirral Borough Council to build additional, spacious, and modern crematorium buildings at Landican.

Why is this important?

My wish is to have crematorium buildings which meet the needs of mourners, at a difficult and sensitive time, and support professionals working there.
These new buildings should have much more seating, so that no-one has to stand, or wait outside, through the service. They should have a changing room for clergy, and ideally, toilets accessible from inside the building.
At present, all Wirral cremations take place at Landican cemetery, in buildings which seem to date from the 1930s or 1940s. There are 3 ‘chapels’. Even the largest ‘Central’ chapel is often full to overflowing, with mourners having to stand, or even wait outside, whatever the weather. About 8 out of 10 funerals that I have attended there, have been like this.

In keeping with the council’s Equality & Diversity policy, they should have no religious symbols in the architecture. Instead, portable religious symbols, eg. Crosses, may be stored, or brought in, where appropriate.
I am a Christian (URC) but we live in a multi-cultural society, with people of different faiths, and some with no religious faith. We now have humanist funerals, which celebrate the life of the deceased, without reference to God. The new buildings should reflect this. I am aware that some faiths prefer burial to cremation, but suggest that those faith groups who use the crematorium should be consulted about the design.

I am aware of the council’s budgetary restrictions, however, these proposals only require capital expenditure, not an on-going commitment. The council receives revenue from funerals.

Are you a Wirral resident, or have you attended a funeral in Wirral?
Are you a professional, involved in funerals?
Are you from an ethnic minority?

Thank you for signing this petition. If successful, it will be a tribute to my husband and parents, and others whom I have said “Goodbye” at Landican.

Christine Trenery 4 June 2018

Landican Cemetery & Crematorium, Arrowe Park Road, Birkenhead, Wirral

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Reasons for signing

  • I have stood in the rain too, when the central chapel was full!!


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