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To: Julie Elliot, MP Sunderland

Monkwearmouth Hospital Development - Our Community, Our Homes - Have your Say!

Monkwearmouth Hospital Development - Our Community, Our Homes - Have your Say!

As you are aware, there has been a late notification received from the developers to the local community in regards to the proposed re-development of Monkwearmouth Hospital; a local significant historical landmark, donated to the people of Sunderland.

The development is only providing revised offices and meeting space with a new car park yet is radically planning to alter the existing site, with no offer of a range of alternatives; this covers all of Cumbria, Northumberland & Tyne and Wear NHS Trusts so there is high potential for increased traffic accessing this site

The recent introduction of the parking permits scheme is likely to have been futile as the above proposals will significantly increase the volume of traffic in already congested residential streets so presents a health and safety risk; we don't need a new car park facing directly onto residential streets and increasing noise disruption and the potential of anti-social behaviour

We need to be able to discuss our concerns with the developers and NHS Trust and present our arguments and be able to negotiate

We have set up the Monkwearmouth Hospital Community Action Group to ensure we have one
collective voice in representing our local community

Why is this important?

This is our community and we should have the right and ability to challenge late proposals for a new development made by people who don't even live or work here!

Monkwearmouth Hospital is a local significant historical building donated to the people of Sunderland by Sir John Priestman and we need to protect that

It is going against current trends and guidance from the Royal Institute for British Architects, that suggest renovation rather than demolition

We haven't received a clear rationale to the extent of the proposed re-development and to date we have been unable to successfully engage with the developers and NHS Trust

We don't need a modern building to replace our beloved building with floor to wall windows which will impact privacy

We only recently was able to secure inclusion into a community parking permit scheme which greatly improved the traffic and parking issues we, as local residents had previously endured and their is significant risk that this will be un-done and we will again be faced with the misery of
double-parking and not being able to park outside our own homes

We don't need a new car park relocated to face onto residential streets; with the increase in noise
disruption and potential for increased anti-social behaviour

Newcastle Rd, Sunderland SR5 1NB, UK

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