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More Disabled-Friendly Accomodation Needs To Be Built

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Jacqueline Mackerrall
More Disabled-Friendly Accomodation Needs To Be Built

Build disabled-friendly properties throughout the U.K.

Why is this important?

People from all walks of life, at any age can become disabled, you could find yourself wheelchair-bound through an accident at any time, whatever your age, class, ethnicity or religion. The poorest in our communities hit the hardest, having to try to find new suitable accomodation, adaptations etc, but nobody is immune to a tragic circumstance and we just don't have enough homes to cater for the disabled, it is a disgrace. We need to make this change a priority, I personally know through my previous work as a carer, age really doesn't matter, homes that are suitable do. Please share this campaign and sign the petition to make the government and MPs from all parties sit up, listen and make the changes we desperately need.