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To: The government

More help for the vulnerable the elderly and young

More help for the vulnerable the elderly and young

Change the law on the way people access help. Mainly for people who cannot see that they are ill and vulnerable. Giving the right to families to speak on there behalf when in a crisis. Making sure policy's are implemented not just spoken about.

Why is this important?

I have been trying to look after my son who is now 29 he has autism and mental health issues. I have tried for the last five years to access him some help, since he was discharged from hospital. I have complained to social service's, local MP, police and mental health services. It seems they are not and don't want to work together to help people like my son. There are policy's in place saying that the above services are there to help by working together but as I've experienced there is a small majority of the service's that do try. I've even experienced a social worker who tried to help actually stand in his own council office and say that "the people in this office are trying to ignore the issues so they don't have to deal with them" whilst on the phone to me. The police turn up every time my son has an episode and say it's down to social services. Social services have now refused to speak to me due to my son being over 18. The MP has tried for the last two years to try and help, after a dozen letter's and numerous requests to have a meeting, we still haven't met. There are a lot of people whom have no family or friends to support them and are just left with no help and this is where the crisis grows and people either end up on the streets or arrested for behaviour which is more an illness. Our government has a duty of care through the services they provide.

How it will be delivered

The petition needs to taken to the central government to make them aware that this is a major problem and that the situation is only going to get worse in the future for most of the nation because we will all get old and if we can happily say that our government will look after us and the future generations by making sure they practice what they preach and the policy's should be implement not just words.



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