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To: Mayor of Hackney, Stephen Haynes, Cllr Ben Hayhurst, Cllr Sheila Suso-Runge, Cllr Sophie Conway and Guy Nicholson

More Pembury, Less Circus

Pembury Circus is dangerous and pollution levels far exceed safe, legal limits. Hackney Council has received £29 million to fund improvements since 2017, but nothing has changed. The latest £19 million (awarded through the Levelling Up Fund) must be spent by 31 March 2025.

Pembury Circus is one of the most dangerous and inaccessible junctions in Hackney, and one of the most polluted sites in the UK. Air quality is in breach of 3 WHO recommendations and in the 99th percentile for the worst pollution in the country.

We are concerned the allocated funding is being limited to improvements to Pembury Road and the east section of Amhurst Road; neglecting the life-threatening issues that affect the wider junction, including the west section on Amhurst Road and the west section of Dalston Lane.

We call on you to accelerate the long-promised and fully-funded improvements to Pembury Circus junction, involve the local community and deliver the following aims*:

1) Prioritise safety improvements to Pembury Circus junction
2) Deliver safe, convenient pedestrian crossings before funding expires in March 2025
3) Include improvements** to the western arm of Amhurst Road in the wider scheme
4) Safe cycling infrastructure
5) Improved road layout for motorists and buses, with loading bays for local businesses

*Aims updated 07/12/23 in light of Hackney Council's update re. development plans as published on 01/12/23 in 'CHE S224 Hackney Central & Pembury Circus Green Corridor Cabinet Report'

**Safe pedestrian crossings at Andre Street and Sandringham Road junctions, and accessible pedestrian and cycle access to Dalston Lane

Petition organised by Community Action for Pembury Circus.

Why is this important?

Pembury Circus is one of the most polluted parts of London with nitrogen dioxide levels exceeding 100ug/m3 – 10x the WHO recommended limit of 10ug/m3 and in breach of the UK legal limit of 40ug/m3.

It is also one of the most dangerous and inaccessible junctions in the borough. It has one of the highest records of traffic incidents in the borough with more than 123 collisions and 142 casualties in the last six years.

On a daily basis school children from the LEYF Pembury Community Nursery, Rooftop Nursery @Brook, Mossbourne Parkside Academy (primary), Mossbourne Community Academy (secondary), Stormont House Special School and Nightingale Primary School have to navigate this hostile and polluted junction. It is used by thousands of residents, visitors and commuters passing through Hackney Downs station on a daily basis; and by more than 750 cyclists daily without any road markings or protected cycle lanes.

Hackney Council are well aware of the dangers, having noted the lack of any adequate, safe and accessible pedestrian crossings in the Hackney Central Footways map produced as part of the Hackney Central Impact and Ideas Fund. We're calling for action now.

How it will be delivered

In person to Hackney Council

Corner of, Pembury Rd, Dalston Ln, Lower Clapton, London E8 1LQ, UK

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