To: Doncaster Council

More Policing in Mexborough

More Policing in Mexborough

Please increase the policing in Mexborough.

Why is this important?

There is an increase of crimes carried out by youths in Mexborough. They are vandalising cars, terrorising local residents, banging on windows and being abusive.


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Reasons for signing

  • It's ridiculous the lack of Police support in our lovely town. The hardworking people have had enough of a minority of young people and older teens destroying the peace. It needs to be addressed.
  • These vandals want to destroy peoples lives and if there is no police presence then they are free to do it. But also the courts need to take more responsibility when they are caught and not a slap on the hand.
  • We had our windscreen put through


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Wow! We have 74 signatures overnight! Just shows the magnitude of this problem! Well done everyone I hope we can make a real difference. Keep sharing x

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