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To: Kent County Council

More stringent building regulations for eco friendly new homes

More stringent building regulations for eco friendly new homes

Put in place more stringent building regulations for new homes in Kent to be eco friendly and sustainable. Ban gas boilers and ensure that new homes have near-zero carbon emissions. The science and technology for this has long been known. Each garage needs an electric car charging point, each house photovoltaic solar panels as well as geothermal collectors.

Why is this important?

In the age of an official climate emergency, it is vital that we address the carbon emissions from our homes now, this minute, not in 50 years' time because it is less disruptive to the building industry.
A big part of our individual emissions comes from burning gas for heating and hot water. This has long been successfully addressed in the housing designs of "Passivhaus" which combine a draft free exterior with a stable indoor temperature all year round, virtually without any heating. This is achieved by a clever circulation system, using the residual heat from the exhaust air.
No more turning up the gas fired heating to counter cold drafts coming in.
This technology has been known for many years, yet it seems there is a reluctance to take it up by the wider construction industry. This is where the Council needs to step in to pass new building regulations and enforce eco friendly new building developments, otherwise nothing will ever change.
We need to look beyond short-term monetary profit to doing what is best for our planet if we want to pass it on to our children and children's children.


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