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To: Government & Medical Profession

Morgellons Patients are human Beings

Morgellons Patients are human Beings

Validate this affliction , treat it as a physical condition not a psychotic illness, stop sectioning sane people with Morgellons symptoms treat us like human beings.
The symptoms are life threatening they need to be treated.

Why is this important?

This is important because there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world suffering this horrendous affliction and we are being ostracised and denied treatment.
We are frightened to speak out for fear of being sectioned because psychiatrists threaten to use the mental health act this illness is physical we need it to be taken serious as this can only be looked on as lawful genicide if not treated.
It's also important because thousands are terrified to talk about this affliction for fear of their family and friends ostracising them i have personally been threatened with the mental health act if i dont take the antipsychotic drugs against my will this needs to stop today right now we are all sufferring because the medical profession refuse to test us for Lyme disease which can show if we have Morgellons we get refused many blood tests that could be of great help this is why it's important to validate this microscopic pathogen that destroys the human body slowly but surely.
It is important as Human rights are being infringed ! All based on fact.
William Windsor-King
January 2017


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