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To: Hackney Council and Dukeminster / Hackney Walk (the developer)

Morning Lane People's Space: Save Hackney Central

We oppose the current plans for 55 Morning Lane in Hackney Central (the Tesco site) and demand an alternative plan including at least 50% council housing. Any development must be informed by and useful for Hackney residents thus improving their quality of life.

Why is this important?

The developer's current proposal includes tower blocks of up to 19 storeys with over 500 housing units, NO council housing and only 20% of the units being "affordable" (such as shared ownership and other forms of housing which are unaffordable to most people in Hackney). The developer is focusing on the commercial and work space in the plan. But as they are behind the disastrous Fashion Hub, we doubt that these will meet local needs.

In terms of housing, the overwhelming need in Hackney is for council housing at social rents. We call on Hackney Walk and Hackney Council to ensure that there is a minimum of 50% in any new development on this site.

We also call on them to ensure that any development is based on broad and deep consultation with local people so that the development creates the shopping, services, employment opportunities and housing that are useful for them.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition in person to Hackney Council.

London Borough of Hackney, London, UK

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