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To: Stephen Crabb

Move DLA LIFETIME AWARDS recipients straight over to PIP

Move DLA LIFETIME AWARDS recipients straight over to PIP

Move people who are awarded LIFETIME or indefinite awards on DLA straight over to PIP without the need for demoralization and humiliation AGAIN...most have already been through this when applying for DLA previously.

Why is this important?

People awarded this lifetime status have ALREADY Proved to the government that their illness or disability WILL NOT get better or people will NOT Grow limbs back for the entirety of that person's life. The Government have ALREADY accepted and agree that these people are the most vulnerable BY AWARDING lifetime status when DlA was applied for.

I personally have friends that were awarded DLA for life but when summoned for assessment for PIP they have had the ENTIRE award taken away from them...

Ask yourself this: How can the government NOW decide AFTER their doctors and specialists have examined and assessed the person that they are no longer in need? THESE ARE Doctors and Specialist THAT THE GOVERNMENT pay for their services so are the Government now saying they have NO TRUST in the people THEY employ??

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I had indefinite award and this was reduced to 2 years go figure new benefits and your cured in two years
  • I was awarded DLA for life. Got letters about pip had to apply and was rejected due to being too sick to attend. I have autism and anxiety and learning difficulties as well as a wheelchair user and have sensory difficulties
  • When you are providing 1-1 support to a person on a lifetime DLA award it is incredibly difficult to find time for new forms and the cared for is sidelined creating all kinds of difficulties


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Ty all for signing,..please keep sharing far and wide...

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