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To: NCT - the National Childbirth Trust

National Childbirth Trust to Reaffirm its Full Commitment to the WHO Code

National Childbirth Trust to Reaffirm its Full Commitment to the WHO Code

We call upon NCT to reaffirm its commitment to the WHO Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and Subsequent, Relevant Resolutions and to adhere to its scope and articles including recognising that under the scope of the Code, it's Practitioners are Health Workers. NCT to train all persons who have contact with mothers, including it's marketing staff, in the WHO Code and for it to have a policy in place for dealing with breaches of the Code.

Why is this important?

The WHO Code covers the marketing of all formula milks, bottles and teats (including dummies). It exists to protect all infants, to enable parents to make feeding decisions, free from commercial influence. There should be no product placement to parents and any marketing information or educational materials shared with pregnant women or mothers of infants and young children needs to comply with the code, in particular Articles 4.2 and 4.3 of the Code. This petition is in response to recent social media posts by NCT that show a clear breach of the Code and the CEO's failure to reassure Practitioners that NCT continues to fully adhere to the Code.



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