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To: Lord Peter Hain, & Matt Hancock ( MoH)

National Day of Celebration for the NHS.

National Day of Celebration for the NHS.

Please support our campaign to initiate a National Day of Celebration to honour & thank our wonderful NHS.

Why is this important?

We want to initiate an annual 'Day of Celebration for the NHS'. To take place on July 5th, the anniversary date of the inauguration of the NHS in 1948. To honour all the marvellous people who work within it. And to thank them all for their incredible self-sacrificing care in helping & treating us, not only during this terrible current Corona Virus crisis. But throughout each & every year.
Such an occasion would be not only an ongoing testament to our eternal gratitude. But could be a focus for all kinds of charitable & fund raising events in support of our wonderful NHS.


Reasons for signing

  • The amazing sacrifice these people make on a daily basis
  • Appreciation to the NHS


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