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To: British Government

New Bridge South 0f Newcastle-upon-Tyne

New Bridge South 0f Newcastle-upon-Tyne

There is a great need for North and South Tyneside to have a road bridge somewhere between Newcastle and South Shields.

Why is this important?

The River Tyne has no crossing points between Newcastle and the Tyne Tunnel at Jarrow. For an area the size of Tyneside this is a ridiculous state of affairs. I suspect this could be to maintain a flow of tolls into the Tyne Tunnel. However 7 miles of Tyneside is cut off from the other side, this is unacceptable. People have to either commute to Newcastle to cross or go through the expensive Tyne Tunnel. Sunderland have just completed a fantastic new bridge the Northern Spire at less than half the cost of the second Tyne Tunnel. A bridge would ease the congestion and pollution caused at the Tyne Bridge.
Please support this campaign so we can make an overdue change for the better for the people of Tyneside!

Tyne and Wear

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