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To: The Broads Authority and Norwich City Council

New Paddle Board/Kayak and Canoe Launch Spots

New Paddle Board/Kayak and Canoe Launch Spots

We are looking for the Broads Authority to build a pontoon around
the Riverside/Carrow Road area of Norwich. The Pontoon would be available for Public use to enable easy access to make use of the River Wensum and River Yare for locals and tourists using Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes.

The use of the river here in the city has increased over the last year with people not travelling as much which has been great, however, we want to make sure its as safe as possible for people to launch on the river and designated spots.

Why is this important?

Creating a safe launch spot for people to take advantage of our Incredible river network Norwich has to offer will only increase the use of our rivers.

We are spoilt with the beauty the rivers holds and the more people we can get to explore our city via the river on Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes will only show people just how beautiful it is and in turn, the hope they will want to take better care of our city and planet.

Safety on the river is also paramount to making sure people can continue to have a good time. It's been great that the Broads Authority and Norwich City Council have recently places a pontoon at New Mills. We would like to now have a pontoon placed towards the other end of the city around the Riverside and Carrow Road section of the river. There are also an abundance of carparks near here making it easy for locals and visitors to the City

The river has a vast array of wildlife from otters, seals, kingfishers and fish to name just a few. Encouraging people to use designated launch spots will also help protect the areas where wildlife maybe inhabiting. The great opportunity exploring our rivers by Paddle Board, Kayaks and and Canoes means areas of the river can be explored and left undisturbed and unpolluted.

Norwich, UK

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