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To: NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB)

Fair pay for all NHS workers #NHSPAY15

NHS staff on the Agenda For Change (AFC) pay scale have endured a real terms 20% pay cut since 2010. NHS staff across the country are working outside of their skill remit and contracted hours to meet the demands of a dangerously depleted workforce. We are asking the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) to urgently review the pay of AFC staff and take into consideration the 10 years of pay caps/freezes and acknowledge their extraordinary efforts throughout the pandemic. We believe that NHS workers should have a 15% or £3000 pay increase (whichever is greater).

Why is this important?

We need to retain and recruit healthcare staff. There are estimated to be well over a 100,000 vanccancies within the NHS. To put this into context, £6.2bn was spent on agency and bank staff last year to cover staff shortages and keep the NHS afloat! We are now dependent on bank or agency staff to help plug the gaps, mainly to fill nursing roles. Staff state that the quality of care is “compromised” and one in six said “patient safety was put at risk. NHS staff have been forced to work outside of their skill remit and contracted hours of work to meet the demands of a failing workforce. There have been initiatives to recruit overseas nurses to bridge these gaps however this is not feasible due to the travel restriction at this time. In order to recruit and retain staff the NHS needs to be a safe working environment that puts patient safety and the health and wellbeing of its staff first. It is astonishing that NHS professionals cannot afford to live and are using food banks or exhausting themselves with second jobs to make ends meet. NHS staff need to be paid in line with other healthcares workers and pay inequality needs to be addressed by the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB). This petition is very important, the only report covering pay satisfaction was conducted in England and from the data collected it is clear that only a small proportion of staff were satisfied with pay the they received on AFC. The evidence states that staff satisfaction increased from 29% in 2017, before the pay agreement, to 36% in 2019. Therefore every signature counts towards evidence. Please sign this petition.

How it will be delivered

We plan to submit the signatures to the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB)



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