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To: 'Kent & Medway NHS'

NHS England is cutting OUR NHS services in Thanet.

NHS England is cutting OUR NHS services in Thanet.

We call on Caroline Selkirk, Accountable Officer for East Kent to call a halt the closures in The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital, to listen to the public and to fight the erosion of OUR NHS.

Why is this important?

Our Hospital's A&E, Maternity and the Stroke Unit are threatened. NHS bosses want closures and services transferred to Canterbury or further. Our GPs are being corralled into 3 super-hubs, making it harder for us to get treatment. There are cuts to social care and the number of care homes – all private – are woefully inadequate. In spite of the government promising more NHS funding, it is not enough. The cuts are being pushed through under the ‘STP’ carried out by “Kent & Medway NHS’, which is neither a legal nor a democratic body.

Isle of Thanet, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • The proposed changes will do noting for the people of Thanet. It will make things worse for us. We should have 3 good hospitals in Kent not just 1
  • It is vital that we keep NHS facilities in thanet, I was made to go to Canterbury hospital for a certain scan when we have this equipment at QEQM & it was a nightmare on public transport.
  • For example, a child with breathing problems, a mother with an obstetric emergency, or even a mother in fast labour all need a local emergency service.


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