The NHS dentistry service is crumbling we will be a nation of toothless bad breathed individuals where the rich pay private for their pearly white veneers and the everyday working citizen either cannot afford or cannot get an NHS dentist. You must invest now to bring in qualified dentists and to train within the UK . The NHS is failing, you cannot ignore the problems they will not go away something must be done now. Covid is not an excuse for poor management and investment. The future is bleak we are moving backwards instead of forwards stop burying your head in the sand.

Why is this important?

Start action now with poverty and the energy crisis at all time low the working class cannot afford private. Do we want a nation with related health conditions brought on by poor dental hygiene are we still looking at the poor, rich divide. We pride ourselves on our NHS services envied by the world over yet the government are destroying the very establishment which makes us who we are. Invest now, action now, no more excuses. Sign the petition get it in front of the people we voted to represent us and we want answers and a solution not for 10 or 20 years down the line we need action now with a worldwide recruitment campaign and investment in this country to equip our own residents with knowledge and the expertise to work and invest in the country they live in.