NHS to Give IVF twice

NHS to Give IVF twice

I think that the NHS should be able to give people that cant conceive, one more extra try of having IVF instead of the 1 the get at the moment.

Why is this important?

As amazing as it is the NHS already give us one chance, I feel This is important because so many people now seem to have some trouble with conceiving as many more women have got infertility problems. This can be such things as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Endometriosis, which effect 1/10 women. Having 1 lot of IVF puts a lot of strain on a woman and not only the whole lm time worrying about being pregnant but a women’s stress levels double which also can cause women to miscarry or not conceive that time. I feel if women knew they have 2 chances it would take a lot of strain off us women. It costs couples thousands of pounds to go through IVF each and every time and not only if the 1st one fails it then makes it difficult for a couple to keep going through it day to day, thinking they might not ever have them, working so hard to get the money for a second try. I have seen people not have any children because it’s wore at their relationship. I know this isnt cost effective but I know it would help with so many relationships and hope to be families. I never realised how many people struggle daily with not being able to have a family.

United Kingdom

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