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Nigel Farage to be stripped of his EU Pension on Brexit

Nigel Farage to be stripped of his EU Pension on Brexit

Nigel Farage has undermined the European Union since he became an MEP. He has one of the worse attendance records and has consistantly acted against the founding principles of the EU.
Nigel Farage should be stripped of his EU Golden Parachute payment and EU Pension, the European Union should not continue to fund his lifestyle after Brexit.

Why is this important?

Why should the citizens of the EU continue to pay a man who has caused imeasurable harm to the institution itself? A man who has consistantly defied his oath upon becoming an MEP?


Reasons for signing

  • He never attended the European Parliament to justify a salary, let alone a pension. His dreadful attendance record, and attitude, shouldn't be rewarded.
  • Because he is a charlatan and a liar and a racist and a rank hypocrite - enough?
  • I blame Farage for brexit. Lying devious hypocrite who is a massive sneaky weasel


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