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To: Planning Inspectorate


Local businesses are struggling to survive, and whilst the need to be sympathetic to the age of surrounding buildings is understood, the ability for the local council planning department to decide what is and isn't acceptable without taking into account what the public view is seems unfair.

We have ensured that our shopfront is eyecatching yet elegant, classic yet modern - this is being refused by our planning department.

More consideration should be given to what the public deems acceptable rather than it being a decision taken by someone who may just not like the look of the signage.

Why is this important?

The high street as we knew it is dying. Our small market town is suffering a number of established businesses closing with no one wanting to fill the empty premises.
Businesses are struggling to survive. Putting extra financial burden on businesses to change signage that the public actually thinks improves the area could discourage other small businesses from opening.

S Gate, Sleaford NG34, UK

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