To: Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP

No anti-LGBT campaigners in Parliament

No anti-LGBT campaigners in Parliament

Cancel the appearance of Reverend Lynda Rose at parliament next Wednesday. Relationship and Sex Education becomes mandatory in England in September and makes LGBT-inclusive education compulsory. But a prominent anti-LGBTQI campaigner is being hosted in parliament next Wednesday by DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson. Reverend Lynda Rose previously branded LGBT-inclusive education as "state-sponsored abuse" and compared the push to include such topics in relationship and sex education to Nazism.

Why is this important?

The committee inviting Lynda Rose to speak was prominent in the campaign for Section 28 which outlawed teaching about gay relationships in the 1980s. This narrative against inclusive sex education discriminates against the LGBT community who are already statistically more likely to experience discrimination and poor mental health.


Reasons for signing

  • Get with the programme people. LGBTQ’s people are not an alien race, they’re human! Why should their rights be denied?! Sex education is about educating people. It doesn’t turn them into something that they are not! It’s not a cult, you know!