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To: Royal Docks Enterprise Zone Board

Stop the Arms Fair in Newham

We are calling for the cancellation of the DSEI Arms Fair, at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in Newham, and for the declaration of the Royal Docks as an Arms Trade Free Zone.

Why is this important?

This September at ExCeL, International arms companies will meet up with military delegations from around the globe to show off the latest war technology.

They are selling everything from bombs, drones, guns, warplanes, tanks, grenades as well as riot and restraint equipment.

These weapons are sold at great profit to countries in conflict, authoritarian regimes and countries carrying out serious and well documented human rights offences. Many of these weapons will be used against civilians in non combat areas.

DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) is one of the world’s biggest Arms Fairs. It is held every two years, at great expense to the UK taxpayer. It is opposed by people in the area and across the country, including opposition from the Mayor of Newham, the Mayor of London and local MP Lyn Brown.

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