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To: The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

No bailout for airlines without environmental conditions

No bailout for airlines without environmental conditions

No government, or taxpayer, money should go to airlines unless it is with conditions relating to the environment.

Why is this important?

Taxpayers should not be funding an industry which contributes so massively to disrupting and threatening taxpayers' lives.

Greenhouse gasses were at an all time high when most air travel was forced to come to a halt in March.

There is evidence that the effects of the coronavirus are exacerbated by air pollution.

And, most of all, the effects of climate change will do far more damage - both to the health of individuals and the economies of countries - than the coronavirus ever will.

Nine million people are currently estimated to die every year due to air pollution. Experts believe there will be 150 million premature deaths by the end of the century due to air pollution alone.

That's not to mention what climate change will do to our health systems, our economies, our food supply, to oceans and to wildlife. The taxpayer shouldn't be footing the bill for one of the main contributors to climate change.

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