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To: Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer

No bailouts for tax dodging companies

Any bailouts should have conditions attached so companies pay their fair share of tax

Why is this important?

The government is handing out billions of pounds in bailouts to big companies who are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. This is really important to support the economy and keep people in their jobs.

But some companies have dodged their obligations in the good times by not paying their fair share of tax. And now many of these same companies are asking for a handout when things get tough.

This isn’t fair on the rest of us who do contribute. Paying taxes is essential to help fund public services like the NHS, schools and our care system.

The Fair Tax Mark has set out three clear conditions for bailouts. Any big company getting a bailout should lift the lid on their tax affairs, disclose who ultimately profits from their activities, and promise not use tax havens and tax avoidance schemes.

Politicians in Scotland and Wales are taking action. The UK government has announced it's putting legally-binding tax conditions on just one bailout so far - for Cesla Steel.

Join us in calling for Rishi Sunak to make sure that all big companies getting bailouts pay their fair share.




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